Online Self Study


 The e-Course Self Study application is a powerful tool to provide on-demand study materials and testing services to your members. It combines the user flexibility of remote testing with customized test content. Tests and surveys constructed in e-Course Self Study contain only the content an organization chooses for their member base, generating focused and informative testing and survey results. e-Course Self Study is highly customizable and makes updating test content, e-mails, and testing results straightforward. The user interface for test- and survey-taking is simple and efficient, allowing for ease of purchase of testing materials as well as ease of test-taking.

Key Features

  • Surveys and Reports
  • Online Testing
  • Test Questions Randomization / Rotation
  • Test Time Limits
  • Test Retry Limits
  • Single / All Product Purchase
  • Automatic Test feedback with explanations
  • Printable Certificates
  • Mail Courses / Online Courses / Recorded Webcasts / Live Webcasts
  • Full Test and Survey Records
  • Member / Product / Event CRM Integration
  • Purchase / Access Management
  • Test Importing
  • Test Versioning
  • Flexible Configurations


    Below is the Home screen for the e-Course Administration page; the following documentation will guide you through each section of the application, from the point of view of both a user and an administrator.

    Online Self Study: Course Administration
    The e-Course Self Study allows for the creation of several types of tests. Mail courses, e-Courses, Recorded Webcasts and Live Webcasts are all supported in the e-Course Self Study application. Each provdes a different delivery system for the...
    Online Self Study: Survey Administration
    The e-Course Self Study application can provide information two ways: first, through the scores of the test-takers, informing an administrator of the level of proficiency for its members. Second, the e-Course testing allows for the construction...
    Online Self Study: Purchase Management and Advanced Features
    The e-Course Self Study Application allows administrators to manage the behavior of the e-Course Application with a straightforward and flexible set of management tools. Purchase management tools allow for the tracking, editing and overriding of...
    Online Self Study: My e-Courses
    When a member signs on to the Association website intending to take a test, they will see a list of possible courses to purchase. Courses that have already been purchased are not available to add to the shopping cart. Any study guides will also...


    LAST UPDATED 8/31/2011