What Can the Mix Platform Do For Your Association?

Why the Mix Platform?

    For the MACPA, the biggest advantage of CPAMix is the seamless integration of the features that allow it to operate just like a listserv. We had several very active listservs, and we were able to transition them into CPAMix and allow the group members to continue to operate just as they had before the transition. We believe this was the key to the instant adoption we saw from our members.

     Another significant benefit is the tight integration with AM.Net. Having a group for each committee that is automatically updated as the committee roster changes is fantastic, as is the automatic denial of access for anyone who has their membership suspended, along with the automatic renewal of access when they pay their dues and are taken off of suspended status.

     We also very much value that we can have the system changed to meet our needs, which is much more difficult if not impossible with other systems. For example, after launching, Nick wrote a feature for us that allows us to block unwanted messages, like out of office replies or LinkedIn Invitations from making it into the system. When compared to other community platforms, CPAMix is the most integrated, most cost effective, and most tailored to our needs.

Doug Shaner

Manager, Information Technology

Maryland Association of CPAs

How can you measure success in the Mix Platform?

Success in engaging your membership through the Mix Platform can be measured in two ways: increase in participation, and increase in revenue.  

Increase in Participation

Engaging your members is critical for any Association.  Social networking is now ubiquitous, and so having a presence in your members' social networking spheres can give your Association invaluable visibility.  

The Mix Platform provides a unique social networking experience; it caters directly to your members professional and personal interests, all while tying in to your Association's offerings and interests. Having a fully integrated social network offering like the Mix Platform can cement your Association as cutting edge and relevant in the minds of your members, and participation in the Mix Platform can be a concrete metric of how your members are valuing your Association.

Participation in the Mix Platform can involve:

  • Members avidly discussing topics of interest, either directly on the site or through the Mix Platform's sophisticated e-mail to e-mail discussion capabilities that can completely replace Listservs for your Association.

  • Members taking the reins with their profiles, adding pictures, professional details, and using their individual blogs to keep other members up-to-date on their personal and professional activities.

  • Members creating and participating in Groups, including Groups created especially for registrants of CPE events to facilitate discussion of professional education, provide meetup opportunities for your members, and increase overall participation in CPE events.

Increase in Revenue

It is nearly a foregone conclusion to say that with increased member participation in your site, an increase in revenue will follow.  With the Mix Platform engaging your members in multiple ways, an increase in revenue for your Association can follow.

  Revenue opportunities from the Mix Platform include:

  • With the added value the Mix Platform brings to a membership, CPAs will be more likely to become and remain members of your Association; being on the cutting edge of professional social networking can make any Association stand out to potential and existing members as a valuable investment.

  • CPE revenue is the bread and butter of any Association.  With the Mix Platform, you give your members a forum to discuss CPE offerings, to enhance their experience through collaboration and the creation of networking opportunities, and overall encourage them to participate even more in their professional education.  Making CPE a more sociable, more enjoyable experience can increase a member's likelihood of purchasing CPE options through your membership, thus solidifying and even increasing your revenue stream generated from CPE.

Real-Time Tracking of Relevant Metrics 

Promises of increased participation and increased revenue are all well and good, but how will you know your members are participating, and how will you know how they are participating in the Mix Platform?  We have built powerful metric measurement tools into the Mix Platform, to effortlessly reveal trends to your Association without any added work on the part of your staff.

Metrics such as participation by age range, new group discussions, user profile discussions, top participants in the site, and many, many more are automatically measured on a daily basis for the Mix Platform solution.  These metrics can help inform your Association's business logic, giving you insight on your membership demographics and tendencies, and can also provide your Association with real time proof that your membership's interaction with each other and with your Association is increasing.

LAST UPDATED 3/13/2013