What is the Mix Platform?

The Mix Platform: Built Smart 

You and your staff are busy people with plenty of valuable work to do for your members.  We understand this, and built the Mix Platform to be a "smart" system with content creation being driven by your members.  Instead of a static offering of information that your Association staff must regularly work to generate, the Mix Platform puts the power in the hands of the members, giving them the opportunity to build the Mix Platform community through their own efforts.

E-mail to E-mail Discussion Capability

Social networking is inherently social, and so discussion is inherent as well.  The Mix Platform gives your members the ability to participate in, and even create, discussion Groups that cater to their personal and professional interests.  

In this fast-paced world of mobile communication, e-mail is a critical tool.  We wanted to extend the sphere of the Mix Platform's influence into your members' inboxes, but instead of a static stream of updates that require the member to leave their inbox to continue the discussion, we have created a revolutionary e-mail response capability.  We wanted to ramp up the reach of the Mix Platform discussion capability by adding an e-mail to e-mail and e-mail to website options to the Group discussion, effectively creating a replacement for any and all Listserv capabilities your Association might use.  

Our research with early adopters of the Mix Platform shows that members are over 4x more active in discussions through e-mail than on the website itself, which means the Mix Platform's combination of e-mail and on-site discussion participation can quadruple discussion participation.  

Our system lets your member continue the discussion, start a new discussion and rate the discussion solely via e-mail.  Mix Platform users can also respond to member-to-member messages and to any type of Group update via our proprietary e-mail interface.  This integration of an intuitive website interface that allows for structured discussion coupled with a Listserv-like e-mail interface gives the Mix Platform Group discussions a leg up on any other discussion software.

Group and CPE Event Calendar

The Mix Platform event calendar is one of the simplest and most powerful tools created for extending an Association's influence in their members' social networking sphere.  Groups are able to create their own events to engage your Association members, and these are automatically displayed in Group member Event Calendars.  
Not only that, but the Event Calendar is set up to automatically pull your Association's CPE offerings into the Mix Platform as well.  This one-two punch of integrating user created events with CPE offerings from your Association provides a combination of fostering a welcoming, active community within your membership, and enhancing the visibility of a major source of revenue for your Association.

Security: Anticipating Problems and Providing Solutions

One of the main goals of our Mix Platform developers is to anticipate problems and solve them before they can manifest themselves.  With the invaluable help of early adopters, we've refined the Mix Platform to provide resolutions to potential problems that might crop up in the fast-paced community that your members create.

  • Automatic inclusion and exclusion of new and former members: because of the Mix Platform's integration with your CRM, as members sign on to your Association they automatically appear in the Mix Platform community, and if members are no longer members in good standing, their access is automatically terminated.  If that terminated member becomes an active member again, their access is automatically reinstated as well.

  • Automatic roster updates:  When a group is created in the Mix Platform that ties in to a CRM table (such as a Committee), their roster updates will it automatically sync to update in the Mix Platform as well.  A new Committee member is added immediately to the Committee Group, and a former Committee member's access is immediately revoked when they are removed from the Committee, providing secure and hands-free member management. 
  • Automatic exclusion of problematic e-mails:  these issues crop up with any e-mail capability; out of office replies, Linkedin invitations, spam, etc. can all derail a fruitful conversation, and the Mix Platform has anticipated this by setting up customized blocking capabilities out of the box for troublesome e-mails.  And to ensure we're flexible enough to catch any issues that crop up after launching the Mix Platform, we offer sufficient support to cover fixing any unanticipated issues as part of the Mix Platform package.  We stand by our product both before and after launch, and want to ensure you get the most out of your Mix Platform experience.

LAST UPDATED 6/19/2013