CPAMix: a Sneak Peek!

CPAMix: a Sneak Peek!


There has been a lot of buzz about CPAMix lately, and we wanted to gear up for the upcoming CPAMix launch by providing monthly sneak peeks at what the CPAMix social networking platform has to offer.  This first newsletter gives you a quick overview of what CPAMix has to offer in terms of professional connections for your members.  

While CPAMix is a social platform, it has a definite professional purpose and can allow your members to leverage CPAMix's social networking capabilities to expand and enhance their professional lives.

Connect with Your Members, Professionally

Professional connections are a breeze in Mix.  Your members are automatically connected through their Society or Association, and can view the profiles of statewide members, adding them to their connections and interacting through messaging. 

Associations can create their own blogs, news feeds, events lists and resource banks for their members.  Firms can also engage their members through an automatically created Group for each firm in an Association.  

Firms can maintain blogs, news feeds, event lists and resource banks as well, catering directly to their interface that allows Your Society or Association's members can meet and network with professionals in a way that enhances their professional lives and enhances their membership experience.

Connect Employers with Prospective Employees

CPAMix provides several tools to get your membership the information they need to find employees or employment all in one location!

Classifieds provides member associations with a place to list job openings, services available, services wanted, and other related ads. The Classifieds section provides national exposure for each listing, allowing an association to reach a wider, more targeted audience than they might with traditional classified services.

The Per Diem Directory gives members and firms the ability to connect. Firms can find members looking for work and members can find firms that need their expertise.  CPAMix is a way to expand visibility of what a firm or an employee might have to offer, opening up opportunities that weren't previously available

Connect Your Members Nationally

Mix is not only a platform for interaction between members of the same Association or Society.  Its national network is an inter-Association network as well. 

Every Mix member's homepage includes a listing of the latest news from all participating Societies and Associations, opening up your members horizons to the national goings-on of their profession. 

Members and Firms can create and join groups that are tailored to CPA's professional interests and goals, exchanging ideas with both your statewide and the national community of CPAs.

LAST UPDATED 1/25/2012