CPAMix: New Years Resolution!

Make CPAMix Your Association's New Year's Resolution!

CPAMix, the Social Networking solution for CPAs, is an all-in-one way to fulfill a suite of New Year's resolutions for any Association!  

Here are some common Association resolutions that CPAMix can address:

  1. ‚ÄčTake control of how you contact your membership, using CPAMix to totally eliminate your dependence on listservs!
  2. Eat more chocolate*
  3. Give your membership an opportunity to interact through a variety of communication outlets, such as messaging, Group discussions and blogs.

  4. Foster a sense of community around your Association, adding a social component to your already robust offerings for your membership.
  5. Allow members to self organize around Groups within CPAMix, providing them with a totally unique networking opportunity that caters to their individual interests.
  6. Be budget conscious; by acting before 1/1/2013, you can SAVE 33% on setup fees!

    *CPAMix may or may not result in eating more chocolate, but it certainly is delicious!

Want to learn more about CPAMix?  Contact us HERE to learn about the exciting capabilities of the CPAMix system!

Check Out These CPAMix Features!

CPAMix Discussions: Eliminate the need for Listservs while engaging your membership, socially!

CPAMix Dashboard: Putting Mix at your members' fingertips.

CPAMix Calendar: Ties in your members' CPE with the social opportunities provided by CPAMix.

CPAMix Groups: A social networking opportunity based on your members' own interests.

CPAMix Blogs: an expansion of your membership's social presence within your Association.

CPAMix Events: Share CPE events, social events, Group events and more with your membership.

LAST UPDATED 12/27/2012