CPAMix: Creating Education Connections in a Social Setting

CPAMix: Creating Education Connections in a Social Setting

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is a vital component of participation in any CPA Association.  Membership in CPAMix provides a leg up for your CPAs, putting CPE opportunities at their fingertips in a social networking setting.

CPAMix also provides opportunities for national collaboration, giving CPAs a place to make connections, ask questions, learn from colleagues and develop their professional acumen, all in one place!

CPAMix is Making CPE Social!

Through CPAMix, Associations are able to reach out to their members in a social capacity, encouraging interaction between members regarding their professional education.

Your members can peruse CPE offerings while utilizing the social capabilities of CPAMix; members can interface with instructors, see course handouts, open discussions with other attendees about the event, and discuss travel and accommodation plans in CPAMix.

With CPAMix’s tight real-time connections to your Association's CRM systems (AMNet, Aptify, Avectra), members are automatically grouped by the conferences or seminars they're attending.  Your members are put in touch with other CPA's with similar interests, encouraging connections and opportunities for collaboration.

Give Groups the Power to Bring Members Together!

Groups in CPAMix can create their own events for members, bringing them together to socialize, interact, learn and discuss.  Every member of a group is automatically invited, and the events are automatically added to their Event Calendar.

To ensure your members are able to keep track of their events, including CPE opportunities and group events, the Events Calendar will allow members to view the upcoming CPE for their Association and upcoming events for their CPAMix Groups.

The Events Calendar is an interactive interface that provides connectivity to their Association's offerings without leaving Mix's social setting.   Your members can track their events and see what's coming up in their CPE schedule all while enjoying the many other features of  CPAMix.

National Collaborations Can Grow in CPAMix

The formal learning experience offered by CPE is invaluable to a CPA, but an opportunity to learn from and collaborate with colleagues in the same profession can be just as valuable.

CPAMix encourages an atmosphere of information exchange on a national level.  The CPA Answers section of CPAMix encourages professionals to answer each others' questions and fosters national discussion on professional topics and issues.  

CPAMix is poised to have a huge impact on how connected the CPA community is, developing opportunities for thoughtful discussion and valuable learning.

Give your Members the Professional Information They Need, When They Need It.

Aside from discussion, CPAMix aims to provide Associations with the opportunity to develop a clearinghouse of resources their members may need. The Resources section of CPAMix is a place for Associations to upload any resources they think their members might find useful.

The Resources section gives Mix members an opportunity to see what their Association and other Associations provide for their members in terms of information regarding the CPA profession.

CPAMix provides an Association's members with access to national knowledge within the CPA profession, allowing an Association to effortlessly connect their members with people and ideas they might otherwise never come across!