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October 2012 Training
This month's training features the creation and use of Content Templates, as well as an in-depth look at how different page types can be used in your site
September 2012 Training
September's training covers web experiences/topics and segments, and how to best use the restricted access plugin.
August 2012 Training
August's training covers nesting the CMS plugins for an even more dynamic website!
July 2012 Training
How to Feature an article, and how to best use the Text page type.
June 2012 Training
How to add a video to an article, adding an author to an article, and an in-depth look at the website tree.
June 2012 Training Part 2
May 2012 Training
The System Tab: how to best use it , creating a Podcast RSS List, creating and managing CMS users: best methods and how to use an iframe in a tabstrip plugin to ensure a Twitter widget or a form works properly.
April 2012 Training
The April 2012 BWG Training covers the following: -- Using the Tabstrip Plugin --The Copy/Paste page feature --The Batch Edit feature -- How to customize CMS Roles
March 2012 Training
The training covers: --The Gadget Plugin --How to best use the Content Analyzer --The "Publish History" feature --How to add panels to your layouts to customize restricted access, secondary navigation, and other layout features.
Training: February 2012
The February training covers the creation of RSS Channels, using an RSS plugin, and a quick overview of page types