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BWG  May 2013 NewsNet 

Bryce Web Group: What are we up to?

Mobile Turnkey Solution Implementation:

Launches of mobile sites have already taken place for several of our customers, including FICPA, VSCPA and PICPA.  Check out their sites on a mobile device, to see their sophisticated designs and simplified, intuitive interfaces, set up to suit the mobile sphere.

We're also coming up on launches of several mobile sites for BWG, including the OSCPA, ASCPA (Alabama), and TSCPA (Tennessee). We're excited about our customers' foray into a mobile platform, and are looking forward to future phases of mobile development!

CPAMix Installations:

After the highly successful, and highly educational, launch of MACPA Groups, CTCPA and FICPA approached BWG to establish their own CPAMix installations, and are in the process of designing, testing and establishing their own CPAMix engines for their members!

Website Redesign Projects:

The ASCPA (Alabama) is in the process of a full website redesign, on top of a mobile site launch, and a full newsletter redesign as well!   We'll keep you posted on their progress, and announce the launch of their redesign!

May Training: Paste from Word, Gadget Lists and RSS Feeds

Connecting your members with information at a glance can increase the value of any Association's website experience, and RSS feeds are a great way to reach your members when they're on the go. 

Couple that with the customizable, compact nature of Gadget Lists, and your Association has a one-two punch of information delivery that puts your members in the know.

Finally, we wanted to demo the new Paste from Word feature in our WYSIWYG editor!

View our May 2013 Training HERE!

CPE on the run: Online Self Study

The workplace is getting busier and busier as each day goes by, so flexibility in delivery for CPE can be a critical and lucrative component of any Association.  The Online Self Study system delivers CPE to your members on their own schedule, giving them flexibility in terms of education requirements and putting your Association at the forefront of CPE trends.

Check out our Online Self Study documentation to learn more about how leveraging a system with flexible CPE offerings can benefit your Association!

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