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BWG  July 2013 NewsNet 

Survey: CMS Reporting Feature

We are looking into how to set up a CMS reporting feature to better track how your members are using your site, but we need your help.  We've set up a survey to determine what your Associations need in terms of reporting.  Your responses are a huge help in allowing us to deliver quality products!  Click here to take the survey!


CMS Feature: the handy, dandy Website Tree!

You use it every day, but do you really use it?  Find out!  

From defining your Global Navigation, to using the "Go" button to find a page quickly, from editing page details and content to batch copy/paste functions, the Website Tree is your key to controlling your site.

Learn more about the Website Tree at our Website Tree documentation page!

July Training: Article lists and Article Pages

July's training goes over the more intricate capabilities of the Article List and Article Page Type.  Training covers featuring articles in an article list, adding authors to articles and controlling article layouts through the details page.

Check out the July Training here!

Bryce Web Group: What have we been up to?

Alabama Society of CPAs site redesign, newsletter templates and mobile site design:

Working together with the ASCPA, Bryce Web Group's designer, Alex Yohannes, has developed a modern, sleek and intuitive new look for their site, as well as a mobile site to launch ASCPA forward into the mobile sphere!  They are also utilizing our Newsletter Solution, a templating setup that allows for easy generation of attractive, informative newsletters.  Keep an eye out for their new look and feel, as it will be launched soon!


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