Bryce Users Group (BUG)

Bryce Users Group was formed to address the collective needs of all Associations that are running Bryce Web Group software. BUG's intercommunication between Associations helps facilitate:

  • Collective direction for current issues and needs
  • Software specifications for well-rounded solutions that better meet Association's needs
  • Support in continuing configuration and usage of Bryce software solutions
  • Voting on quarterly feature releases of software updates
  • Understanding from a national perspective based upon all inclusive associations

BUG Members communicate in several ways at regular intervals, all organized by Bryce Web Group to keep our customers in contact and on the cutting edge:

  • Mailing List
  • Quarterly Conference Calls
  • Monthly Training
  • Forum Discussion

For more information regarding BUG, your potential for utilizing Bryce solutions, and BUG membership, email us.

Bryce Users Group Meetings

Meetings Discussion

Want to discuss a meeting past or future with other members? Use the Society Solution Forum.

Meeting Minutes Archive

Verify previous meeting information with our reference archive. Below is a list of past Meeting Minutes.

4/18/2013 Bryce Users Group Meeting Minutes
Bryce Users Group call from 4/18/13
2/29/2012 BUG Meeting Minutes
Shanna Jackson Alabama Y Pradeep Sapkota Arkansas Y Barbara Maciel California N Caitlin Bailey Connecticut Y Cyrus Yazdanpanah Florida Y...
11/9/2011 Bryce Users Group Meeting Minutes
BUG Meeting Minutes, Oct. 2011
3/23/2011 Bryce Users Group Meeting
Roll call was taken. Corey provided a brief update of BWG’s recent activities. Both Corey and Nick have been working with the Michigan Society on their Aptify conversion. BWG has assisted Michigan with both data conversion and web controls. Other...
8/25/2009 Bryce Users Group Meeting
After introductions, Corey provided a Q2 update. The last two months have primarily been spent getting everyone in synch with the latest edition of the code. BWG has launched “Society Solution Update” whereby changes are made automatically to...

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