Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants


With nearly 10,000 members, the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants is the only organization in the State of Washington dedicated to serving the professional needs of CPAs, educating consumers about CPAs and the services they provide, and encouraging students to study accounting and enter the profession.

The WSCPA and Bryce Web Group

Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants (WSCPA), in an effort to anticipate and fulfill the needs of their user base, developed marketing surveys to figure out what their members sought from the WSCPA website. The WSCPA came to Bryce Web Group with the results of the market surveys, looking to upgrade to Web 2.0 functionality. The WSCPA wanted applications that allowed for streamlined information sharing with a user-centered design.

Bryce Web Group was able to generate custom gadgets for “Web 2.0” functionality, satisfying the WSCPA's desire to engage their user base and provide them with streamlined and forward-thinking functionality in their site. 

The WSCPA also wanted a wiki page type for the CMS, to further allow users to participate in the content of the site; from this project, we were able to integrate the wiki page type into all of our CMS installations, making WSCPA a leader in content sharing development amongst Bryce customers. 

The WSCPA is currently running multiple blogs, all integrated into their site by Bryce Web Group. These blogs provide their users with up-to-date news that is relevant to them, and operate and integrate smoothly into the website's infrastructure because of the collaboration of the WSCPA and Bryce Web Group.


While the WSCPA wanted to upgrade and update their site to keep up with the fast-paced changes of the web, they wanted to keep their existing Coldfusion applications. Bryce Work Group was able to develop a specific type of webpage, a server side page, so the WSCPA could have pages that executed Coldfusion within the CMS engine. This allowed the WSCPA to retain the 3rd party applications that served their user's interests, while allowing them to take advantage of all the capabilities of the Bryce Web Group CMS.

Overall, Bryce Web Group has worked closely with the WSCPA to provide them with applications, including customized page types, that have brought the WSCPA's website to the cutting edge, giving the WSCPA a sophisticated suite of tools to serve their members successfully.


Bryce Web Group Products Used by the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants:

LAST UPDATED 10/6/2011