Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants


The Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants is the premier professional organization for Wisconsin CPAs, with nearly 8,000 members working in public accounting, industry, government, nonprofit and education. The Wisconsin Institute of CPAs is a professional association which strives to serve its members, assure the public, and maintain the integrity of the accounting profession through the provision of continuing education, peer review, and community service opportunities; involvement in the legislative process; and communication with the public through the print and broadcast media.

The WICPA and Bryce Web Group

When the Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants (WICPA) approached Bryce Work Group, they were looking for tools that would facilitate learning and collaboration between their members. They wanted a seamless site that really allowed their members to easily access what the WICPA had to offer in their 1,200+ pages of content.

 Bryce Web Group is able to provide solutions for the WICPA's needs. WICPA has worked with BWG to revamp their shopping cart with the capability to tempt nonmembers purchasing CPE to join as a WICPA member by detailing how much they might save in CPE costs by joining, coupled with a seamless integration of the Join application and the shopping cart to make this membership prompt an easy way to save nonmembers money while increasing WICPA's membership.

WICPA members have, though Bryce Web Group products such as CourseNet and Event History, been given the capability to easily and quickly access and register for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses, seminars and conferences. CPE is an integral part of the CPA profession, and having a fluid and efficient set of tools for CPE events has provided the WICPA with a way to deliver CPE to their members in a timely and intuitive fashion. Here are a few responses from the WICPA on the CPE tools Bryce Web Group has provided them:

The members' ability to register for seminars and conferences online was greatly enhanced which helped expedite the process and provided increases to the bottom line.

Sherry Albrecht

Former PR Graphics & Technology Specialist

Wisconsin Institute of CPAs

I just signed up for CPE conferences and was so impressed with your website that I feel obligated to say something. Everything flowed well, looked great, was easy to navigate and the topper was being able to click on the seminar links in the end and save it in Outlook. Wow! Haven't seen such a well thought out website in a long time. Someone went the extra mile and did it right. Congratulations on a great job!

WICPA Member

The Bryce Web Group CMS has also provided the WICPA with the tools to keep their website up-to-date. During a re-design of the look of the WICPA site, the Bryce Web Group CMS layout options allowed the WICPA to upload several custom-made layouts for their users to access freely. This option prevented the need to design every page (and recall, the WICPA has over 1,200 pages of content for their users!), and allowed future pages to match existing page layouts in the site.

Overall, the relationship between the WICPA and Bryce Web Group has been one that attempts to bring to the WICPA's members transparent access to all that WICPA has to offer. Providing solutions for managing and organizing the WICPA's wealth of content has been a top priority of Bryce Web Group, to allow WICPA members to go further within the organization.

Bryce Web Group Products used by the Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants:

LAST UPDATED 10/6/2011