Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants

The Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants (UACPA) Leadership supports and challenges members through advocacy, professional education, leadership development, networking, and community service, to help them succeed in a competitive and changing world. The UACPA vision is to be a world-class professional association essential to their members. They unite a vibrant community of CPAs to enhance the success of our members and champion the values of the profession; Integrity, Competency, and Objectivity.

The UACPA and Bryce Web Group

The Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants (UACPA) needed applications to suit the needs of their member base, and came to BWG to get the job done. The UACPA, sensing the direction that communication trends were headed, has become highly interested in social networking. They were early in adopting connectivity through Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, podcasts and RSS feeds.  

The UACPA are also highly driven to participate in a national CPA social networking project, and with Bryce Web Group are involved in the creation and launch of CPAMix, a national platform for CPAs to network online. The UACPA are true pioneers in CPA involvement in social networking, and their partnership with Bryce Web Group is well on its way to generating a solid national social network for CPAs.

In further custom development work with Bryce Web Group, the UACPA charged them with the creation of a member directory that not only provided member contact information, but also put a face with a name through the development of a custom photo directory. Bryce Web Group stepped up to the task and created a photo directory for all the members of the UACPA. The directory is a brochure printed once a year for members, and Bryce Web Group created a digital directory of photos that allows the UACPA members to upload, change or remove their photo, as well as allowing the UACPA to print directly from that directory, greatly simplifying the process.

The UACPA and Bryce Web Group are working together to develop a social networking environment for CPAs, bringing the Utah CPA community into the future with a solid, interconnected presence on the web.


Bryce Web Group Products used by the Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants:

LAST UPDATED 10/6/2011