Mobile Turnkey Solution

Mobile Turnkey Solution: An Overview

Bryce Web Group, in a collaborative effort with several of our existing customers, have developed a Mobile Turnkey Solution.  This solution is intended to be an easy to establish, out-of-the-box option to establish a mobile version of an Association's main site, optimized with responsive design and the latest standards for mobile development-- HTML5 and .NET 4.0. 

This solution provides a quality mobile website for an Association, fully integrated with our CMS and manageable in an identical way to your existing website.  BWG takes a streamlined, almost cookie-cutter approach, while still providing customization, allowing Associations to have rapidly-deployed interchangeable functionality as well as rapid update capabilities.

The Mobile Solution provides everything needed to deliver content to today’s smartphones and tablets. It includes design (or your designers can provide), the mobile engine and a new application suite optimized for mobile devices.  The mobile engine allows users to view all of your content in a mobile format or switch to the “full site” view on demand. The mobile application suite is designed to provide the same functionality as your existing site but with a much easier user interface.

CMS Integration

This capture shows the addition to the CMS tree that Bryce Web Group adds, to house the mobile solution. Note the new “Mobile Home” node that provides the navigation and can override the rest of the site as needed.  

Another new node, “Emails”, is a new way to handle the application emails from a single location. Instead of looking for emails under the CourseNet or MemberNet file directories, this single location is utilized for all applications (including mobile).  Note that ALL content, field names, and buttons for the new mobile pages are in the CMS to facilitate easy editing.

One overall advantage of our Mobile Turnkey Solution is that your Association's existing business logic ties in seamlessly to your mobile website; your setup for CPE search results, CPE details displayed, fee logic, etc. are all automatically pulled into the mobile view, to give your mobile site a feel of familiarity for your members right off the bat.

Mobile Turnkey Solution Design Examples

Mobile Turnkey Solution Functionality: Phase One Deployment

Login and Member Profile:

For the mobile site login, a basic login page with the possibility for permanent cookies.  The cookie feature will allow your members to be automatically logged in when they visit your site via a mobile device, a handy capability for a member on the go.

For the member profile, members will have a very basic update page, including address, e-mail and phone.  For professional information updates, we have the option of directing your members to the full site; alternately we can put a callout box in the member profile update that sends them to a (simplified) mobile version of the  professional profile update page.  

Continuing Professional Education (CPE):

It is understood that members tend to use their phones for on-the-spot information lookup, especially for CPE event details.  We, in recognition of this fact, have set up a mobile Course Schedule page that can integrate directly with a member's phone's map system, giving them handy location information at a glance.

The CPE catalog will be streamlined in the Mobile Turnkey as well; the look would be very clean and simple, with a few drop-down options making up the whole offering.  Bryce Web Group has structure the CPE Search query to return classes that are open, not showing closed classes, for simplification of in the mobile view.  The details page for a course could be displayed a few ways; a landing page, or via expanding JavaScript .

In terms of more complicated functionality, such as guest registration or sessions for conferences, Bryce Web Group has chosen to redirect members to the full site on their mobile devices.  Our concern is that these and other options could be too complicated and information-heavy to be used on a phone.  

Payment capabilities:

To accommodate any Association's business logic, we offer several ways to manage payments.  We have set up our Mobile Turnkey Solution to allow payments to be made through device, and/or to allow payment by phone, and finally an option to e-mail the member to remind them to pay later, when they're at a desktop or laptop. 

For Associations interested in receiving donations from their mobile site users, the provided Donation form would be highly simplified.  Users could select donation type, amount, and whether the donations were from an individual or a firm (or anonymous), followed by payment and confirmation. The mobile Donation form, for simplicity's sake, will allow for a drop-down that details each fund to donate to, and members can select where their donation will go.

Additional capabilities:

The Mobile Turnkey Solution includes an engine to display any content in a mobile-friendly way, along with application customization to optimize for mobile devices, with the goal of making things easier for users).  There is a fair amount of flexibility in this product; the complete Mobile Turnkey solution will contain fairly specific out-of-the-box features, but can always be set up to send e-mail reminders to users about, say, a conference, or provide the option to link to main site for any additional content.  The Mobile Turnkey solution also includes a commitment from Bryce Web Group to provide support and engage in feature development, as well as providing the initial solution.

LAST UPDATED 3/27/2013