Dynamic CRM Plugin Technology

Bryce Web Group has worked hard to build up a suite of software that can integrate with Customer Resource Management (CRM) software from several 3rd party vendors.  The Bryce Web Group CMS and Applications can be customized to fit into any Association's business logic, and can be seamlessly integrated with many 3rd party CRM vendors, including CDS-AM.Net, Aptify and Avectra.

Customer Resource Management software can be a valuable tool for any Association with a sizable membership, and Bryce Web Group recognizes the need for applications, plugins and a Content Management System that integrate fully and seamlessly with whatever CRM an Association utilizes.  Bryce Web Group is happy to work hand in hand with any Association to customize our products to fit in with your CRM solutions, to provide you with our functionality custom-fitted to your Association.


Bryce Web Group's dynamic plugins, Applications and Content Management System were designed specifically to work in concert with CDS-AM.NET's CRM; the following BWG customers utilize the CDS-AM.Net CRM:

Several customers utilize CRM systems that are different from CDS-AM.Net; Bryce Web Group is happy to tailor our products to fit in with other CRM systems, allowing customers to use our products without being nailed down to a specific CRM.



LAST UPDATED 4/19/2012