Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants

The Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA), with 18,000 members, is the leading statewide professional organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing the value of the CPA profession. MACPA represents Michigan CPAs working in business, education, government and public accounting. As trusted advisors for both businesses and individuals, MACPA members meet strict statutory and regulatory requirements as CPAs and embrace the highest standards of professional and ethical performance.

MACPA and Bryce Web Group

The Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA) and Bryce Web Group have been long-time partners, working together since 2004. The MACPA was and is an integral part of the development of Bryce Web Group as it stands today, and vice-versa. 

The MACPA provided early design, testing and adoption of Bryce Web Group products, meaning that the MACPA was in on the ground floor of Bryce Web Group development. As Bryce Web Group assisted the MACPA in building the site functionality and content delivery they desired, the MACPA provided invaluable feedback on product design and utility, helping Bryce Web Group become a better company with better products.

The MACPA has also decided to utilize the seamless navigation of the Bryce Web Group Sharp Search tool. The Sharp Search allows MACPA members to have useful and relevant search results on the first try of any search, even going so far as to provide real-time AJAX feedback, which provides users results as they type out their search term.

Sharp Search has also given MACPA staff control of how their site content appears in a search. Pages in the CMS can be tagged with web experiences, topics and segments to allow the pages to be sorted in a custom way. Superseding search keywords, page prioritizing and featured pages also allow MACPA CMS users to guide how their site is searched, directing users to content they need in the MACPA site. 

Recently, Bryce Web Group has also been supporting a conversion to and integration of the Aptify applications for the MACPA. Aptify is a Customer Relations Management tool that allows the MACPA to track information about customers. Bryce Web Group has been an integral participant in the conversion process, working with the MACPA to provide them the best service possible.

Overall, the MACPA and Bryce Web Group have worked hand-in-hand to create quality products for Bryce Web Group to offer to the MACPA and other Associations, as well as to generate a quality site to organize and properly present the quality content the MACPA has to offer their members.

Bryce Web Group Products used by the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants:

LAST UPDATED 10/6/2011