Maryland Association of CPAs


Connect - Protect - Achieve are the promises the Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA) makes to its members. The MACPA is repsonsible for building and maintaining the infrastructure that supports the CPA profession and ultimately the US capital markets. Our members represent sole pratitioners working with CPAs on main street to Big 4 accounting firms working internationally, CPAs serving as CFOs of public and privately-held companies, controllers, accounting staff, educators, and government finance professionals.

The MACPA and Bryce Web Group

The Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA), desiring to be on the cutting edge of website software, were early adopters and testers of Bryce Work Group products. The partnership between the MACPA and Bryce Work Group began in 2004, and has been useful for both partners since then. The MACPA are heavily involved in endeavors with Bryce Web Group that bring them into the sphere of national CPA involvement, as well as providing quality services to their members.

For the benefit of their members, the MACPA have been avid participants in social media/networking, blogs, listservs, and the delivery of e-news.  Through the adoption and customization of the Bryce Web Group Blog platform, MACPA has fully integrated blogging into their site, making themselves an integral part of their membership's blogosphere.

They are also among the first Associations to participate in Bryce Web Group's national CPA social networking project, CPAMix.  During a full-site overhaul to make a stylish and forward-thinking site, the MACPA debuted MACPA Groups, a web and e-mail platform to replace their entire Listserv capability.  MACPA Groups runs on the CPAMix engine, setting their Association head and shoulders above in terms of innovation for their membership.

The MACPA is responsible for the National Continuing Professional Education Vendors Database, taking charge of the direction, styling and structure of the database. The National CPE Vendors Database is a product designed by Bryce Web Group to provide a gateway for CPE offerings from vendors to the MACPA and other CPA societies; it allows nation-wide vendors to submit and refine lists of CPE events to be distributed among other state societies. 

Through this responsibility, the MACPA is taking on the task of allowing state CPA societies access to CPE opportunities, providing them with a single location to access CPE vendors. This database, and the MACPA's administration of the database, create an efficient CPE marketplace that would otherwise be inaccessible to MACPA or other Associations.

Overall, the MACPA have used Bryce Web Group products to push themselves to the forefront of social networking for CPAs, as well as taking on the responsibility of making CPE opportunities accessible for both their own members and other state societies. They have put themselves in the forefront of CPA activities both locally and nationally, and provide cutting-edge opportunities for their members.

Bryce Web Group Products used by the Maryland Association of CPAs:

LAST UPDATED 10/6/2011