California Society of CPAs


Founded in 1909, the California Society of CPAs (CalCPA) serves 40,000 members statewide. Their mission is to increase the value and promote the integrity of the CPA profession, contribute to the success of their members, and strengthen client, employer, public and government trust in CalCPA member advice, work products and opinions.

CalCPA and Bryce Web Group

The California Society of CPAs (CalCPA), operating in the most populous state in the entire U.S., has a large user base to serve, and a large site to serve them. The Bryce Web Group Content Management System (CMS) is fully capable of supporting over 8,000 pages for CalCPA's site, allowing them to have a full suite of services for their users without having the site become bogged down by its own size.

In 2012, CalCPA converted their CRM system to an offering from Avectra, while choosing to remain with Bryce Web Group for their CMS.  BWG assisted with the conversion to Avectra, integrating the CRM with existing applications to provide CalCPA with the same quality data flow they've come to expect with our products. 

Bryce Web Group supports the site infrastructure for the California CPA Education Foundation as well as the site for CalCPA; the Education Foundation is the leading provider of continuing professional education for CPAs and financial professionals in California. The Education Foundation, founded in 1966, is a non-profit established to deliver quality education and build knowledge to foster excellence and advance individuals and the profession.

The integration of The Education Foundation has led to CalCPA's extensive utilization of the Online Self Study application, which provides The Education Foundation's users with a powerful tool to provide on-demand study materials and testing services. It combines the user flexibility of remote testing with customized test content.

CalCPA has used the Online Self Study application to provide its members with live webcasts, pre-recorded webcasts, electronic materials and mailed materials for courses. The Online Self Study application also allows for automated certificate creation, providing users who complete a course with immediate proof of their professional development.  In this way, Online Self Study has given CalCPA a way to provide Continuing Professional Education to its entire user base.  

CalCPA has had a great deal of success with the Classifieds application. In order to serve the needs of an Association's member base, Bryce Web Group has developed a user-friendly Classifieds tool that incorporates seamless payment processing as well as automated ad placement. This has allowed CalCPA to provide its members with an easy-to-access tool for listing classified ads, giving them a jump-start on acquiring what they need for their businesses and livelihoods.


Bryce Web Group Products used by the California Society of CPAs:

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