Arkansas Society of CPAs


The Arkansas Society of CPAs (ASCPA) is an active professional organization of CPAs working together to improve the profession and serve the public interest. With over 90 years of service to the accounting profession, the mission of the ASCPA is to act on behalf of its members and to provide support in enabling its members to perform quality professional services while serving the public interest.

ASCPA and Bryce Web Group

The ASCPA came to Bryce Web Group with a need for seamless navigation through their website, wanting to provide their members with relevant information at their very fingertips. Bryce Web Group provided the Sharp Search tool to allow ASCPA members to have useful and relevant search results on the first try of any search, even going so far as to provide real-time AJAX feedback, which provides users results as they type out their search term!

Sharp Search has also given ASCPA CMS users control of how their site content appears in a search. Pages in the CMS can be tagged with web experiences, topics and segments to allow the pages to be sorted in a customizable way. Superseding search keywords, page prioritizing and featured pages also allow ASCPA CMS users to guide how their site is searched, directing users to content they need in the ASCPA site.


Bryce Web Group Products used by the Arkansas Society of CPAs:

LAST UPDATED 10/6/2011