BWG Newsletter October 2012

Bryce Web Group: What are we up to?

It has been a busy few months for BWG.  Here's a quick update on our ongoing projects

Mobile Site Projects

BWG is working with the VSCPA, FICPA and PICPA on developing Mobile Site Turnkey solutions, tailored to each Association in terms of styling and apps.  Example sites can be seen here:




New Site Design for WICPA

WICPA has been working hand-in-hand with BWG to develop and implement a whole new look for their site.  Stay tuned for links when the new design is launched!

CPAMix: Officially launched!

We are excited to announce that the MACPA has become the first adopter of the CPAMix platform!  MACPA has opted to go with the "skinned" version of CPAMix, having Bryce Web Group tailor the skin of the site to their Association with the title of "MACPA Groups".  MACPA has also been able to replace their Lyris list server functionality with the capabilities of CPAmix!

The different options for CPAMix setup can be seen HERE; options include listserv support, options for global or exclusive skinning, integration with your local CMS, and more!

A standalone site for CPAMix can be seen HERE.  Feel free to check out the information available and ask any questions you might have in our "Got a Question?" section.

October Training: Optimizing pages using Page Types and Templates

The October training covers different ways to optimize page contents and layouts through the effective use of Page Types and Templates!

Check out the October training HERE!

Product Spotlight: Classifieds

The Bryce Web Group Classifieds solution is a transparent and customizable way to provide your users with a marketplace for posting classified ads.


Classifieds can be an invaluable way for users to post interest in jobs, as well as to post job opportunities, internships and other relevant advertisements, allowing your users to get what they need, when they need it.

Check out the BWG Classifieds documentation to learn more!

LAST UPDATED 12/27/2012