BWG Newsletter September 2012

September Training: Page Popularity, Restricted Access and Web Experiences/Topics/Segments

This month's training covers a multitude of topics, all of which can allow you to reveal or restrict content on your site.  

Want to know more about what your members look at (or for) on your site?  Tracking and revealing page popularity and popular search keywords are great ways to do this, and can be used both for internal purposes and for showing your members what other CPAs are most interested in!

Want to keep certain content available for particular segments of your membership?  The Restricted Access plugin can give you the power to redirect certain members to content specifically tailored to them! 

Want to categorize your pages and sort them, allowing you to refine Article Lists and how your site is searched?  Working with web experiences, topics and segments can give you that power!  

Check out this month's training here and learn all about these features of the CMS.

CMS Feature Spotlight: Batch Operations

Do you have an edit you need to do to several pages at once?  Want to publish a group of offline pages quickly (or take a group of pages offline just as fast)?  Batch operations can allow you to perform a specific operation on multiple pages, giving you the opportunity to quickly and efficiently take a group of pages and edit, save, publish, take offline and more! 

Worried about including a page in a batch operation that you didn't want to change?  The batch operation feature is set up to ensure you see each page you are changing as you change it, to verify you wanted to make the change.  Simply cancelling out of that specific page can allow you to prevent changes from being made.  Check out the Batch Operation documentation to learn more!

Emily's new working hours!

Emily, our customer guru, had been working reduced hours for the past few months, but is now back to work with increased availability at BWG!  She will be available during normal business hours on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and available to answer emails after business hours on Monday and Wednesday.  

Checking in with our clients

We would like to do one-on-one check-ins with our clients in the coming months, to see where we can improve, what we're doing well, wishlists for features, and how we can all move forward on outstanding projects.  Keep an eye out for an email from Emily regarding a check-in in the near future, and start thinking of topics you'd like to discuss regarding your working relationship with us at BWG!

LAST UPDATED 12/27/2012