2/29/2012 BUG Meeting Minutes

BUG Meeting

Location: teleconference

Date: 2/29/2012

  • Shanna Jackson Alabama sjackson@ascpa.org Y
  • Pradeep Sapkota Arkansas pradeep@arcpa.org Y
  • Barbara Maciel California barbara.maciel@calcpa.org N
  • Caitlin Bailey Connecticut caitlinb@cscpa.org Y
  • Cyrus Yazdanpanah Florida YazdanpanahC@ficpa.org Y
  • Calvin Wong Georgia cwong@gscpa.org N
  • Doug Shaner Maryland doug@macpa.org Y
  • Dan Todd Michigan dtodd@michcpa.org N
  • Kurt Bernhardt Oklahoma kbernhardt@oscpa.org Y
  • Heidi Turley Pennsylvania hturley@picpa.org Y
  • Reva Brennan South Carolina rbrennan@scacpa.org Y
  • Jennifer Batchelor Tennessee jbatchelor@tscpa.com Y
  • Jen Syer Virginia jsyer@vscpa.com N
  • Michelle McGaughey Utah mm@uacpa.org N
  • Susan Winkle Washington swinkle@wscpa.org Y
  • Sherry Albrecht Wisconsin sherry@wicpa.org Y
  • Corey Bryce: Y
  • Nick Bott: Y
  • Emily Flynn: Y

Updates on large projects

Mobile Site Turnkey

    • Worked with FL on fixing issues with handling content for main site and website
    • Cyrus sent out a shell of the FL website; Cyrus will send to everyone.  Nick, Corey, Dave and Cyrus will create a mobile template, will share with other Associations
    • Nick will program so a page on the site will load on a mobile device in a mobile layout with its own style sheet for the mobile devices.
    • Specific mobile page; make a little flag in CMS and create separate mobile page in the CMS. Will have mobile website, sort of a mobile site homepage with links to full site and mobile site pages.
    • Transactional side for mobile: phased release where transctions can be called in but are not entered on a mobile device, but then approach the transactions over the phone later on.


  • Launch in May.  Want to refine what we have, then add on over time. 
  • Will be encouraging Utah and Maryland to go in and test out the system soon.

New Patch

  • Patch has not yet been released to everyone, Nick will try to get them out near the end of this week, possibly over the weekend.
  • Many new features, including:
    • Advocacy contact feature (states that use Aptify will need extra configuration to get feature working)
    • Fixes to ad rotator handling html rotation,
    • RSS List will support page icons; images next to output
    • Article lists will have page icons, will be displayed in a customizable way (could be used for secondary nav). 
    • Usability improvements, reminders for timing out.

Major Projects with Societies

  • TSCPA's site, up and running
  • OSCPA: working on organizing content within the CMS
  • CSCPA: site re-skin in progress
  • MACPA (MD): Site re-skin/reorganization in progress, blog development, will support newsletters
  • CalCPA: Avectra integration
  • PICPA: Aptify integration, data conversion, site is up and running
  • FICPA: Data capabilities w/ form tool, mobile website shell
  • VSCPA: Mobile website, Advocacy contact

Independent Project updates

  • WICPA: Working on updating content through the Summer, will be researching what kind of features WICPA members will want, and Sherry will be sharing what BWG has available so WICPA doesn't have to reinvent the wheel.
    • Content: talk about mobile content, video content, interactive communities like CPAMix.  Next meeting on this is next week.
    • FL will work with WI to discuss content management/collection. WI will start within the next two weeks.


  • Mobile applications: different from mobile website, but still an open item.  BWG purchased mobile applications Higher Logic is using, is there interest in this right now? 
    • FL: price point is too high right now, mobile turnkey will be satisfactory now. 
    • MD: has some interest, have looked in to getting apps developed.  Typical cost was $7-$10k per year, per app.  BWG cost is based upon annual budget for this particular instance. 
    • OK is not ready to commit right now. 
    • BWG will likely shelve this project for now.
  • Does BWG have any 3rd party developers?  Concerned about other states not being able to begin big projects while BWG is so busy. 
    • Do not currently have any that are sufficiently reliable for proprietary software, but  BWG has a few they can refer for smaller projects, or with less proprietary projects.  Nick is hoping the form tool will alleviate a lot of the small management requests by giving customers control of the data.                                 

A CMS patch is in the process of being rolled out to all of our customers, and the following will be automatically added to the CMS by mid-March (at the latest)

  • While editing CMS pages, an alert will appear when your session has timed out, to help prevent you from losing work (this is on top of the automatic save function).  There will be instructions on the alert as to what to do when you have been timed out.
  • While editing articles, when the user selects a parent page in the website tree, a confirmation will appear to ensure the correct parent page is selected.
  • Form Builder will support a checkbox list via the checkbox control.  
  • The Ad Rotator will be a little smarter, pausing its rotation when a user hovers over it.
  • Query List / Event List / Article List  will all support custom "title" HTML that appears when there are contents displayed for the list - this can be used to add a title to a list, while not displaying a title when the list is empty, in order to effectively hide the list when there is no content to display.
  • The Article List and RSS list will support page icons for the listings.
  • Bug fixes, including a page edit reminder fix, and enhancement to e-mail notification

The patch will also allow you to request, on the Bryce Web Group home page using the Feature Request tool, the following:

  • Advocacy Contact : this feature is highly customizable, to fit the look of your site and your legislative contact activities- log in to the BWG home page and request the feature to get it set up for your site.