The ReferralNet solution allows the general public the ability to search for society members and obtain a referral to a professional in the field your Association serves.  

Associations are for professionals, and professionals work hard to serve the public.  Connecting your members with the public can add value to membership in your Association.  Providing a valuable service to the public by connecting them with professionals that provide much needed services can also spotlight your Association and its members, bringing positive attention to your members' profession and your Association's visions and goals.

ReferralNet Opt-in/Opt-out

We know that not all professionals might want their information available for referrals through an Association, and so we offer an opt-out capability that gives your members the power in terms of how accessible they are.  

ReferralNet Search Interface

The search interface for the ReferralNet solution allows the public to search either for specific professionals or for professionals in specific fields.

LAST UPDATED 12/27/2011