Depending upon an Association or Society's business logic, the Firm Admin solution allows select company or firm members the ability to request access, login and view the CPE history and Schedule for their particular company or firm. It also allows adding and removing members and non-members from their firm. All firm admin functionality is approved by society staff before updating the legacy database.

Firm Admin Capabilities

Allowing your members' employers to participate in your Association through pages specifically for Firms and their associated employees can be a handy offering for your Association, but it could potentially invite an added work load for your staff if your Association takes on the administrative duties involved in Firm listings.  

The Firm Admin solution puts the control in the hands of the Companies you're serving, allowing them to manage their firm profile and roster.  Your Administration decides who your Firm Administrators are, so the ultimate control is in your hands, but the day-to-day administration is handled by a qualified member.

LAST UPDATED 12/27/2011