CommitteeNet allows members to join committees, as well as providing a search capability for finding committees and committee members.  CommitteeNet is a simple, sophisticated way to increase your membership's connectivity with the committees established to serve them.

CommitteeNet Website Interface

Depending on your Association's logic, you may choose to allow searching for Committees, or simply list the Committees available for your members.  The ability for Committees to enrich your members' experiences makes putting Committee Membership at their fingertips a valuable pursuit for your Association.

Committee Profiles

In order to best inform your members as to what they can achieve through participating in Committees, a Committee Profile page is set up for each Committee; this profile page includes a description of the Committee, as well as a roster of Committee members and a "Request to Join" button to allow members to volunteer to join Committees.

CommitteeNet Management in the CMS

The pages of the CommitteeNet Solution are available in the Website Tree to allow for layout control, location control in terms of whether the pages are shown in navigation or not, and member/nonmember/public access to the pages. 

LAST UPDATED 12/27/2011