Product Features for CourseNet

CourseNet allows members and non-members to search for and register for events, even allowing multiple registrants per firm. CourseNet integrates real-time payment processing, legacy database support, and a transaction hopper for efficient transacting.

Built-in calendar

AJAX based event calendar that integrates with other modules (like committee meetings).

Conference support

Society conferences also available in the catalog. Users would be able to select and configure any related seminars or sessions.

Credit card processing

Online, secure, real time, credit card processing


Cross selling with ability to display "See Related Events" and "See Related Products"

Data contol

Complete contol over legacy data. For example, if legacy system has MGT, you can display Management on the web, or completely hide the field.

Email confirmation

Custom HTML E-mail confirmation sent to customer as well as sent to society staff.

Instructor biography

Complete instructor biography.

Legacy integration

Completed registrations will be added to the Web database and to a Legacy database (eliminates the need for a CPE staff person to enter the information into another system).

Multiple registrants

Allows registration for multiple members (or non-members) from the same company.

Optimized data

Data will be hydrated from the Legacy database to the Web database on a periodic (as needed) basis.

Reminder notices

Creates downloadable calendar files to remind registrants of the event via their local computer.


Configurable search for basic or advanced searching

Session Fees

Application supports session based fees for an event. Sessions can vary by registrant. Session fees can vary by member, non-member, or guest.

Shopping cart

Shopping cart functionality - add to cart, remove from cart, view cart selections. Integrated with product purchases.

Simple configuration

XML based configuration to easily add or remove elements.

Transaction Hopper

Transaction hopper provides staff access to any pending transactions as well as all historical transactions.

Universal login

Integrates with other BWG modules for universal member and non-member login

Unlimited fee support

Automatic calculation of fees based upon Society, AICPA, and volume discounts. Supports unlimited fee structure.

Technical Details

ASP.NET 2.0, C# - Object Oriented. Uses Microsoft Enterprise Application Blocks 2.0 for reliability, extensibility, improved performance (caching block), and adherence to global standards. Custom web controls (dropdowns, checkbox lists, labels, etc) to pull Legacy database data with minimal effort. This allows for rapid customization and future enhancements.

LAST UPDATED 12/27/2011